Paula Seling – singer, songwriter and musician, was born in Baia Mare, on December 25, 1978.

At age 6 she began to study piano at the School of Arts in Baia Mare, at 10 years old she began to sing in the school choir and soon became a soloist, and at age 15 she joined the Arts School, then she joined a band, the “Enders”, as a piano player.

  • 1995 – Best players award at the “Steaua de cristal” (Crystal Star) Contest in Botosani, Romania
    “Ursuletul de aur” (The Golden Teddy Bear) award in Baia Mare, Romania
    – First place at the “Armonia” (Harmony) Festival in Bucharest, Romania
  • 1996 – She won “Aurelian Andreescu” Trophy.
    – She sang in the show “Viata de roman” (Romanian life) – Golden Stag – Brasov
  • 1997 – The recital in the opening of Joan Baez concert in Bucharest, June 27.
    – The Mamaia Trophy – “Trurli”
    – She released her first album in english, “Only Love”, recorded at Sound House Records – Germany.
    – She sang in the show “Din darul magilor” (From the magi’s gift) – December 1997
    – Graduated the highschool “Gheorghe Sincai”, Baia Mare.
  • 1998 – She won “Star in ascensiune” (Ascending Star) award by Avantaje magazine.
    – She performed in the opening of Chick Corea’s concert from Bucharest, November 9.
    – She released the albums “Stiu ca exist” (I know I exist) si “Colinde si Cantece Sfinte” (Christmas carols and Holy songs) – Narcisa Suciu
  • 1999 “Ploaie in luna lui Marte” (Rain in the month of Mars) brought her the award “The Hit of the Year” at the Mamaia Festival
    – She released the album “De dragoste” (For Love), which contains ten songs composed by Nicu Alifantis.
  • 2002 – With the music video “Serile Verii” (Summer evenings) Paula won the award for best artist in a video on MTV Romania Music Awards.
    – Golden Stag Trophy – “Noapte calda” (Warm Night) and “That old devil called love”
    – She was a “fairy tale” character in the documentary “One Hit Wonderland”, produced by Tony Hawks.
    – She was invited at Gloya Hanyford’s live broadcast on the English channel, Channel 5
    – Awards at FIDOF international festivals in Cesme – Turkey, Skopje – FYRO – Macedonia, LA VALETTA – Malta
    – She released the album “Album de Craciun” (Christmas album)
  • 2003 – The album “Fara sfarsit” (Endless) – 17 tracks, including the song “Timpul” (La radio se-anunta ploi) – Time (rains are announced on the radio) whose video was made in Venice by director Dragos Buliga.
    – She gratuated the college, Superior school of Journalism, Bucharest.
  • 2004 – Nominated for MTV Music Awards as the best artist – the song “Timpul” (Time)
  • 2005 – She married RADU BUCURA and they started a production house, UNICORN RECORDS.
  • 2006 – She released the album “De sarbatori” (On Holidays), the second volume of Christmas carols and sacred songs of Paula.
  • 2008 – The 3rd Place, National Selection Eurovision final with the song “Seven Days”.
    – She also sang with Al Bano (Timisoara, May 11)
    – She released the album “1998 – 2008”, a collection of her most popular hits from the last decade, includes 19 tracks, some are original pieces and some were re-recorded.
    – And on December 22th 2008, Jurnalul National released a edition collection dedicated to Paula with various articles about her, original pictures and a CD including 23 Christmas carols sung by Paula.
  • 2009 – June 10 launches double CD (The first albums entirely composed, orchestrated and produced by Paula.) – “Culeg vise” (I pick up dreams) (in Romanian) and “Believe” (in English), as well as videos for the songs “Ochii tai” (In your eyes) and “Believe”.
    Recital and duet with Jessy Dixon in the concert from Bucharest on October 10th.
    – First place at Mamaia Pop Music Festival in 2009 with “Prin ochii tai pot visa” (Trough your eyes I can dream), composed by Cristian Faur, lyrics – Dana Dorian.
    – She was member of the jury at The International Festival “Golden Stag”, 2009
    – On October 19th National Journal with Unicorn Records released the second CD collection, which included 20 of the most popular songs of Paula.
  • 2010 – On March 6th 2010, she qualified for Eurovision Song Contest, Oslo with “Playing with fire”, which will represent Romania with her partner, Ovidiu Cernateanu.
    – Music Awards Radio Romania Actualitati Music Awards the album “Culeg vise” (I pick up dreams) – the best album of 2009
    – In March she released an album with Holly Songs – in Romanian they are called “Pricesne” and they are songs where we are praising Jesus, the album is free in digital format and you can download it from here.

2 Responses to “Biography”

  1. gabriela colleuille Says:

    Dear Paula,

    what an incredible girl you are!!!

    You were such a nice gift for the Eurovision song contest 2010 in Oslo and I am very proud of you and Ovi. You were the real winners!!!

    Wish you both as much success as you desire!!! Hope you are soon going to be very popular internationally.

    Cheers from a girl that was, as you, born in Romania. I had to leave this beautiful country when I was little, but this will always be the country I really love!!! There is so much love inside me for this country! And you an Ovi come from Romania too, so I am extremely proud.

    Big hugs to you from

  2. Nelson Says:

    Hello Paula,

    I don’t know much about good music originating from Eastern Europe until Eurovision 2010. The song ‘Playing with Fire’ caught my attention. Till today, it’s still one of my favorite song. Saw your video ‘Promise/Promit’ on YouTube. You’re amazing. Take care & God bless.


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